Hey you! Thanks for taking the time to read our story.

Coffee has been a major part of our lives for quite some time now. Starting out as baristas in different coffee shops, we fell in love with the complexity of coffee flavors and the possibility to share this love with customers on a daily basis. Our passion for tasting and testing lead us to both explore more, steering one of us in the direction of roasting, the other toward cooking.

You could say that our shared excitement for ‘things that taste damn good’ was distilled down into our Rush Rush Roastery. Quality in flavor is of key importance. We carefully select beans that appeal to what we like to drink and choose light roasts because we enjoy fruity, floral flavors that are true to the fruit. Keeping in mind that great coffee is born way before it reaches us, we pay mind to the traceability and seasonality of our beans too.

Roasting coffee is great, but we missed the opportunity to share this with our customers. (There’s only so much you can type on a coffee bag.) We decided to open a bar in the image of where we would like to go, the kind of bar that was missing in Antwerp. Rush Rush should be a place where people feel welcome, a place of sharing knowledge and stories but mostly a place for things that taste damn good.