We are Rush Rush.
A specialty coffee roastery and café, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

After years of working in the Belgian specialty coffee industry, we decided to bundle our knowledge and skills and start building something of our own.

At our roastery, a twenty minute bike ride away from the city, our Giesen WA6 coffee roaster allows us to roast small batches of tasteful coffee that we carefully sourced with the help of different European coffee importers.

Rush Rush Café is located in Zurenborg, a cosy residential neighbourhood in Antwerp, not far from the city center.
Here we try our best to serve our customers some flavoursome cups of coffee and ditto food, in a friendly and easy atmosphere.

We’re very dedicated if it comes to quality and taste. Focussing on traceable, seasonal and flavorful quality coffee, we want to give you the best possible coffee experience, and make you feel as passionate about coffee as we are!